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Africa May See A Critical Military conflict If Mind Would not be Consumed

There would be no part of Nigeria which is classified as a “WAR-FREE” part in year 2007. It may witness a critical war if care is not taken.


Geo-political agitations for presidency, a bad omen. A country that is divided into six (6) geo-political regions is expected that her political leaders should be for all regions in equal interval, but opposite is the case. In Nigeria out of the six geo-political zones, only south south has been left behind to become either head of state or president since independence. But the Northerners neglect the case. They have men of war, those who can contest and with all level of power and clarity convince and control people to vote for them. The Northerners have stood up to contest for the hottest seat in Nigeria, but the south south are curiously in anger with the situation. They are now ready to use any means in facing the five(5) other geo-political zones. No one can predict what may happen. The south south argues that 90 % of the revenue accruable to the Federation account comes from them, but the North claims that they are ‘born to rule’, with a prove that they are the only region that have ruled for the longest duration.


Now to individual aspirants. Men who are pure politicians are there warming up to contest. Typically example are in the area of retire military, retire d civil servants, current civilian governors and many other prominent individual Nigerians. In the light of the examples like the popular known “IBB” General Ibrahim Babagida, who is ” a great pillar that force to reckon with in politics” a desperate man of war, aspirating to become president. Talk of the current vice-president, Abubakar Atiku “the strong bond that no-one can tear in politics” and many other like General Muhammed Buba Marwa, who are presidential aspirants for the year 2007, all these from the north. Yet the south south continue to argues that “what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”, that it is a must ! They be the president in 2007. it was even this issue that made south south delegates walk out of last National conference.


Election in 2007 will not only be tragedy form at the gratest seat i.e the presidential seat but also in every aspect where post are lobbying for through democracy govern-ship. What do you expect when politicians are saying that the 2007 election is a do-or-die affair for them. Let revive thet before a notable politician can suffer death, thousands or even millons of people would have suffer death, thousands or even millons of people would have died already. A serious case, thousands of diligent mind would have gone, Nigeria 2007 Election “A mini war”.



The situation right now is more than what on can express, how would a current governor, and also an aspirant for 2007 gubernatorial race be bold enough to say he is ready to spill blood for the coming election. What then do we expect of the presidential aspirants?.


Politicians are harbouring cultists and promoting thuggery, “a criminal act”. Nigeria is now a place where ordinary farmer can not get cutlass agaion; dry of cutlass. All the cutlass prepared ready have been bought up and they even paid for those yet to be produced. Are politicians farmers? Definitely “NOT”. The cutlasses are part of the preparatory weapons for 2007 election . seeing a governor-ship aspirant with thousands of hooligans, rogues, thugs, day and night wearing the cloths symbolizing the signals of the politicians. They are being paid salaries, wages or on constrct and are fully provided with instruments such as guns , charms, iron materials and so on and so forth.


“Probe won’t stop me” said a presidential aspirant. The politicians are not afraid of probe again . it has become part and parcel of them. They even think they are above probe, despite the fact that the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) has said, it will be strict in screening all aspirants with the support of the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crime Commission) still, those aspirants full of iniguity to the nation during and after their stay in office as governor, president, head of state, any political or military position. There must surely be probe, but yet they think their been probe will be of advantageous to them and will buttress their campaign. Corrupt full personality warming up to contest. What do you expect whyen he/she has more than enough thugs, spent money and charm to force people to vote for them. Definitely, it is a do-or-die election, his either you vote for people of that nature or you die and what will then happen when more than ten people of such character are lobbying for a single post. They have the maximum cooperation of their godfather’s, whom they believe that there (godfather) YES is YES and NO is NO. the act of GODFATHERISM is beyond what one can express. Godfather has become a legal instructor over is candidate. Godfatherism has become a subject-matter in Nigerian politics. A bad idea that bothers many Nigerians mind. Even now the godfathers are those that dictate to there candidates “A serious disaster”. “A glance of war”. With due respect and humility I said the political class has failed Nigerians.


“Ojukwu war” the people of the south south of Nigeria agitating to restart “Ojukwu war” which means they are trying to secede out of Nigeria as a new republic; named Republic of Biafra. They want to prove to Nigerians that the first “Ojukwu war in years between 1967 and 1970, finished by the current president; President Olusegun Obasanjo then as a soldier is just a drop in an ocean. Would we call these politicalcrises “A civilian war” or “A political war” no one knows.


All political personnel use HYPOCRACY as their watchword in treating their people. This simply means that they pretend as if they know nothing but rather thousands of things are definitely in their medulla oblongata; assassination, plane crash are their handiwork, but during campaign they talk as if they know nothing about it. An adage states “what is bred in the bone will never come out of the flesh” “A hyper-critical situation”. Let us call a spade a spade, all Nigerian politicians are theives either inform of pen robbery, gun robbery, bribery or in any other form of corruption. they have there own selfish interest in mind.


Prominent lovers of Nigerians, Nigeria needs a new breed of politicians. Let us go in searchof a credible and talented candidate, and forget about these impious personality that are ready to soil their name with the altitude of riging elections. Nigeria and her lovers, Let us join hands in praying for a war-free-election in the year 2007. Nigerian 2007 Election.


29 Dec 2016

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