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By just using your Feng Shui Vision And get a Transparent Eye-sight

In Feng Shui the windows of a space symbolize its eyes. If the eyes are covered or broken or can’t be opened, then a corresponding lack of vision may plague those who live or work in the space. By assuring the eyes of your home or office are bright and clear, a new vision may come your way bringing possibilities you didn’t expect.

Here are some Feng Shui tips to help you keep your eye focused on your dreams:

1. Keep them working. If the windows were intended to open, then they should be operable. A window that doesn’t work, for whatever reason, may be shutting out some new adventures. If it was never intended to open, like a picture window or a transom, then there is no issue here.

2. No obstructions. Moving furniture in front of a window can symbolically be obstructing your vision. Likewise, having shrubs outside which over time grow high enough to cover the panes of glass, even partially, could contribute to a lack of insight. Open up the areas around the windows both inside and outside to assure a maximum view.

3. Too small or too large. If windows are too big, you may be unrealistic about your dreams. If the windows are too small, your vision may be limiting and cramped. Both of these situations can be corrected by the appropriate use of drapery treatments.

4. Three-to-one ratio in each room. The Feng Shui rule of thumb is to have three windows in each mid-sized room. If you have no windows or only a small one, hang a picture of a scene that you love or a place you visit often to help create your own vision.

5. Keep them clean. Just as you clean your eyeglasses or sunglasses from time to time, clean your windows for a clear vision. By doing so, you will assure a continual sparkle to the eyes of your space and to the vision in your heart.

In line with the Feng Shui principle that your space reflects your life, what may be unfolding in your home has the potential to unfold in your own life. Whether looking for a new job, a new relationship, or a new opportunity of any kind, don’t underestimate the eyes of your house. Keep them open and clear, without blinders and obstructions.

03 Mar 2017

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