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Existing Lips Conditions

There are many and different illness that can damage our mouth. The bad news is that each one of them is very dangerous. So we need to be very cautious and careful with our mouth. Virtually, in the next sections you will become acquainted with the primary ones of them.

First and utmost, I want to mention the one which can cause the biggest damages and pains, the abscess. This is a condition of the tooth decay in which the cavity is so enlarged that the nerve can be seen. Once you get it you can feel tremendous and strong toothache which will fluctuate everywhere in your head. If in case, we dont do something immediately we can risk losing a tooth or even getting something worst. Hence, the best action will be to go and visit the orthodontist. This specialist will care for you the right way. He or she will get rid of the tooths roots in order to heal you.

Other merciless perfidious disease is the tooth erosion. It is responsible for the fast teeth decaying, because the bacteria of this disease cause the tooths enamel to get thinner. The presence of this disease can be felt when we obtain extra sense to hot or cold drinks. What is interesting are the agents that provoke the erosion. Those are food and beverages with acid ingredients. Moreover, fizzy drinks and semi-manufacturing foods are also in this category. We need to reduce the used quantity of those harmful products, because the often usage doesnt allow the saliva to recover the enamel. There are even medicines which can evoke eroding of teeth. Hence, we need to avoid consuming these types of foods, drinks or medicines. When you drink those fizzy or acid beverages, you have to do it as fast as possible without bubbling. Between each feeding you must not use those kinds of drinks. Milk, water, tea and coffee are safety beverages, but only when they are sugarless. The constant eating of something is strongly not recommended. If you cannot stop yourself feeding between the meals, assure that those foods are not acidic or sugary at least. Sandwiches, toasts, fruits, and vegetables are between these safe foods. However, there are citrus fruits, which are acidic when we eat them in big quantities. So we need to be aware of this, and the best way to avoid the problematic fruits is to consult with an orthodontist. Another important fact is that you have to brush your teeth at least thirty minutes after you have eaten something acidic or sugary, because these compounds soften the enamel, therefore with the brushing we will contribute for quicker erosion.

09 Apr 2017

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