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Hawaiian Pilates

Benefits of Pilates
By: Matthew Comer Pilates in Orlando, Florida

Pilates is a mind-body exercise practice that promotes lean muscle strength, flexibility, core stability, overall body coordination, and mind-body connection. Orlando Pilates and its popularity is due to its ability to aid in spinal rehabilitation, improve posture, and prevent injuries. Although Pilates was historically popular for dancers and those recovering from illness, Pilates is a great way to get in shape, improve coordination, and prevent physical and occupational injuries.

One of the most important benefits of Pilates is that the exercises performed in a class promote mind-body awareness. This means that, with the help of Pilates exercises, Pilates students become more aware of their posture and movements and are able to transfer their in-class abilities to daily life. Pilates exercises can correct many poor habits that form as a result of our daily activities, including driving a car, sitting in front of a computer, or talking on the phone. Pilates exercises focus on developing strong abdominals—or a strong core—and proper hip and shoulder alignment. After beginning to build a strong core and properly aligning the rest of the body, Pilates students begin to make adjustments to the way they sit in a chair, clean the house, or type at a keyboard, for example. This promotes a mind-body connection that enhances overall wellbeing.

Students of Pilates develop long and lean muscles. Many traditional exercises, such as running, aerobics, and weight training, promote the development of short and tight muscles, which are most susceptible to injury. Long and lean muscles not only strengthen the body but also contribute to flexibility and joint mobility. Pilates students are strong and limber, building strength while also preventing physical injury. For athletes, Pilates is an ideal cross-training activity because of the focus on developing core strength, good posture, spinal alignment, and flexibility, all of which promote physical fitness and prevent athletic injuries.

Although there are many types Pilates, beginning students and those interested in using Pilates as a cross-training activity, may benefit from a contemporary approach to the exercise. This is exactly what Matthe Comer Pilates focuses for Orlando. Stott Pilates, for example, fuses the traditional Pilates method developed in the early twentieth century by Joseph Pilates with modern approaches to exercise science and spinal rehabilitation. Stott Pilates offers Pilates education and certification programs around the United States, including in Orlando, Florida, Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia. Stott Pilates also offers Pilates educational programs throughout Canada and around the world.

Matthew Comer is so passionate about Pilates in Orlando Florida, he has dedicated his professional life to understanding the body and it’s movement. He’s been extremely successful at training and coaching both beginner and expert athlete. He has lots of experience with post-rehab and anyone looking for more core strength. He has spoken at events all over the country and trained many instructors all over the globe. If you have any questions about Pilates in general or specific exercise needs, check out his Youtube channel or his website for tons of information. You’ll be really amazed at how far you can develop your body when you incorporate functional training from the best of the best.

24 Jun 2016

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