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Master cleanse detox Detoxification Food regimen

What is it? How does it work?

The Master Cleanse program was created back in 1941 by alternative health enthusiast and promoter Stanley Burroughs (1903-1991); the program is also known as “Maple Syrup Diet” or “Lemon Cleanse”, and it reached a great amount of public attention through author Peter Glickman’s book “Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days”.

The program is a short term, and it can be applied at its full in about ten days – though many people decide to stay on it a bit longer (up to 45 days in some cases), during which the user will stick to a liquid-only diet: no solid foods shall be consumed while on Master Cleanse program, whereas fresh lemonade juice, lime juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and, how not, good old crystalline purified water (along with a bit of salt, every morning) will have a go in this program and be the user’s unique source for nutrients and vitamins.

The program will also advice you in the use of soft laxative teas, which should be taken each night before going to bed, since the lack of solids slows intestinal processes, and a proper daily bowel-movement is of the essence for the program to work.


As a side note, you should consider that most people opt for a return to their usual alimentary habits right after day of program completion. However, if you’re new to Master Cleanse, and/or this kind of treatment, you should start by slowly adding natural vegetable soups and some solids.

By the time when you’re done with the program, you’ll feel like a new person: invigorated, reenergized, refreshed, and finally!- clean of all those unhealthy toxins which used to be a burden you had somehow gotten used to carry.


Just as we said before, the Master Cleanse diet program’s up for a Hollywood frenzy; the list of hot-shot movie stars which publicly apply to Burroughs’ method include Jared Leto, Robin Quivers and Beyonce Knowles.


So, take some time and lecture yourself further into the insights of the “Master Cleanse” Lemonade Cleansing Diet program, then put it to use, and make your life a whole lot SANER!

24 Nov 2016

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