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Natural High blood pressure

Hypertension quite simply is a chronic elevation of blood pressure. It is the most common cardiovascular disease, and is the leading cause of stroke, as well as a major cause of heart attacks. Unfortunately often people do not even realize that they suffer from hypertension.If this disease runs in your family or you have been diagnosed with this disease, you have done the right thing to educate yourself on how you can cure this disease naturally. Unfortunately, we live in a ‘McDonald’s’ era where we want it now and we want it fast. Therefore, we have medications that can slow our heart to ease pressure or widen our arteries to alleviate the pressure on our heart.

Natural hypertension remedies have proven to be very effective in lowering hypertensive levels, but experimentation is required to determine which treatments are most effective for you at any given point in time. Below are listed some things you can try to naturally treat hypertension symptoms.This method of natural treatment involves a lifestyle change that substitutes a healthy diet for one dependant upon junk foods and increases the amount of physical exercise.It is said that the aroma of certain natural plants, herbs and flowers help in controlling hypertension. Natural hypertension remedies include aromatherapy that may require you to inhale the scent of the blue chamomile oil, every time you feel flushed or agitated.

The major causes of hypertension include, but are not limited to, clogged arteries from fatty deposits, the resistance to insulin, toxins in the body, red meat, poor kidney function, and lack of exercise. Sometimes all you have to do is change your eating habits to prevent high blood pressure. Stay away from Salt, sodium, liquor, caffeine, soda, and fried foods.Well there are two types of hypertension’s, one of which is called Essential Hypertension, this form of high blood pressure is the cause of over 95% of all cases in America. This form is somewhat mysterious but is the result of a few factors on how you live your life (foods you eat, and how much you exercise).Other individuals may find it helpful to join a gym or enroll in an instructional class that allows them to combine socialization with exercise. This is a fantastic idea for someone entering into the world of exercise and may seem doubtful on the proper methods and techniques.

30 Apr 2016

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