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Surgery For guys

Cosmetic surgery has been rapidly rising in popularity. As techniques are refined and new options are developed and become available to clients, cosmetic surgical procedures become increasingly commonplace. What was once taboo is becoming the social norm, but there is one aspect of cosmetic surgery about which little is understood by the public: male cosmetic surgery. While it is typically thought of as being the exclusive domain of women, more and more men are undergoing their own cosmetic surgical procedures. This short guide will give you a basic overview of the various cosmetic surgical procedures for men and equip you with some tips to help you achieve the best results.

The most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed on men are nose reshaping, hair transplantation, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and breast reduction. Botox injections and hair removal procedures are also popular with men undergoing cosmetic surgery. The number of minimally invasive procedures like these performed in the United States has jumped more than 40% since 2002. Some procedures are geared specifically towards men. Implants to sculpt the body and create the appearance of more toned muscle mass have caught on. Pectoral implants are used to sculpt six-pack abs and implants can be used to reshape the buttocks.

The costs of these procedures vary widely by the type of operation, the additional fees charged by the surgical team, and the premises where the operation is performed. Generally, the least expensive procedure is Botox injection, for which you should expect to pay around $ 300. More invasive procedures will cost in the thousands of dollars, the most expensive of which is generally a surgical facelift. Liposuction, nose surgery, and eyelid shaping all typically range anywhere between $ 2000 and $ 3000.

There are some risks involved with any cosmetic surgery. Anesthesia and sedation can cause abnormal heart rhythms, stroke, and blood clots. Any surgical operation also carries a risk of infection. These dangers are rare, and as techniques are improved they become even more uncommon. There is also a chance that the surgery will leave a scar, numbness, or asymmetry, though a properly qualified cosmetic surgeon can mitigate the likelihood of these scenarios. To have the best experience possible, it is crucial that you make your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery with realistic expectations and a full understanding of the procedure itself. Take some time to make this decision, as it often cannot easily be undone. If you decide to go through with the surgery, make sure that you are fit, happy, and healthy when you enter the clinic. Feel free to ask your doctor any questions you may have and resolve and lingering doubts or worry you may be feeling. If you follow these steps, you should leave feeling satisfied with the changes you’ve made.

18 Mar 2017

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