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The Top Five Concerns you realize Lot

Now before we start dwelling deeper into the concept of destiny we need to actually comprehend what destiny is and more importantly what it is not. Destiny in broad understanding is either a fixed pre-determined sequence of future events or changeable itinerary made up by one’s choices. Reaching as far back as to the Ancient Greek times numerous legends speak of heroic man acting against their so-called destiny to outmaneuver their predicted grim fortunes in order to marry, win wars or avoid getting eaten by Minotaur or other gruesome creatures. Then we have tales of princesses desperately running from their destinies of marrying men selected by their parents, suitable for thrones but who they do not love. And finally destiny that is used by modern societies – the romantic concept of ‘it was meant to be’ and ‘we were made for each other’ and having ‘karma’ responsible for all of the life’s failures. Many people still believe that Grin Reaper will come for them once their number shows up and there is no manner in which to avoid prescribed rulings of destiny. Regardless if you believe that your destiny had been chosen before you set your foot on earth or not consider these 5 key issues discussed below and you might just change your mind (and ways) -

Destiny is destination.

To be able to understand where you’re really going in life you need to make peace with yourself. If you know where you’re headed it will be much easier for you to realize that you had just made a committed and informed step in creating your own destiny. Don’t see your fate as something that happens randomly and can be put in context of every smallest thing that you experience in your life but rather see the end results – final goals as collection of all those tiny steps and choices towards your destiny. If destiny means the ultimate terminus then what occurs during that journey and how will you navigate towards that terminus is up to you.

Pre- determined are only our limitations.

What will happen to you tomorrow is not written but the tools to write it are only in your own hands. Our culture, backgrounds, upbringing and past experiences somewhat link us to that tool. They define our world view and create either a window of inviting change and opportunities to our lives or limit us in following our destinies. Don’t blame your situation on destiny. When you open yourself to the idea of creating your own fate based on who you are and what your aspirations are and remove your own limitations you will find that it is you steering your wheel of fortune.

Look at destiny as if it was an ocean.

There are countless amounts of water drops in the ocean and yet all of them play an important role. If you were to take all of them away the ocean would be nothing but a dry, vast land. Now imagine that your choices are as important as the water drops. They determine who you are, determine the ocean of your destiny. If you take away all of the choices you made, make and will ever make you will be nothing but a soulless, insignificant, predictable being. Instead with every drop- choice you add up to a complex, indispensable self.

Don’t try to change the impossible.

With being the master of your own destiny comes the understanding that not everything is for us to alter. There are things that are simply out of your reach that you will have to adapt yourself to instead of blindly trying to change them. Sometimes in life you just need to let the Universe sort itself out and wait until it is again your turn to make a choice.

The cliche is right – character is your destiny.

Work on your personality and skills and you will have the power to decide what will happen in your life.

26 Feb 2017

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